Jamshed Desai
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Jamshed Desai

Jamshed Desai's passion for stocks started way back in the mid-eighties, when the equity cult caught the imagination of the Indian public. From an academic background of chemistry, to equity markets may seem to be a strange alchemy of interests. But this once hobbyist investor has now turned into a hard-nosed equity analyst who combines the best of both worlds i.e. fundamental and technical analysis.

Jamshed started his career as a trainee analyst at the once revered Capital Market magazine in 1992. He gained rich and varied experience working for over four years with the Tata group and then with leading domestic stock broking firms. He has been an all-rounder for several years in terms of his understanding and following of the corporate sector. However, the sectors in which he specializes are pharmaceuticals, consumer durables and non-durables, agrochemicals, specialty chemicals, automobiles, engineering and metals. He also is an accomplished practitioner of technical analysis for over eight years, which he uses to great perfection in timing his investment decisions. Amidst his busy professional schedule, Jamshed has not lost touch with his profound love for writing by freelancing for The Afternoon Despatch & Courier (ADC).

He views stock markets as the ultimate melting pot of all human emotions and psychology, which if conquered can lead to a supreme understanding of humanity itself. His understanding of changing stock market trends is often based on simple nuances of crowd behaviour and psychology at work rather than complex mathematical models or analyses. This combined with his keen sense of technical analysis, he says, enables him to stay 'ahead of curve' regularly.

As an individual, he harbors diverse interests that range from astronomy to zoology. He has a great fondness for sports ranging for the mundane cricket, to soccer, formula one racing, horse racing and tennis as also being an audiophile and Hollywood movie buff, when he takes time off stocks.